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Being an entrepreneur is not easy as you can find yourself feeling burnt, overwhelmed or even alone. I’m sure that as a business owner you find yourselves often questioning whether you are doing the right thing in taking risks for yourself and your family, and sometimes whether the highs out way the lows.

I can guarantee that every business owner and entrepreneur has doubt, anxiety and a lack of direction at some point in their career. I also know that the stress ramps out significantly at times when the money isn’t coming in, or when you don’t know how to overcome some hurdles for your business.

It’s a fact that most entrepreneurs don’t leave school choosing this way of life, but more often than not find themselves in a situation of running a business. Often through a desire to leave the 9-5 or maybe to pursue an idea, but also people find this life because they fall in to it to with no other options.

Based on this fact, most entrepreneurs will start the journey to be their own boss with some kind of experience in their field, business experience, or on the job development of skills and behaviours.

Inspired by young entrepreneurs

Now imagine being 19 and deciding that you want to pursue the goal of working for yourself. I don’t know about you, but at 19 I certainly wasn’t mature or experienced enough to even think about!

That’s why I am inspired by young people that set about creating their income. People that haven’t had chance to be developed on the job, or to be trained on a range of skills.

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OK, so if your 19, then you are less likely to have a family and as many commitments than if you are in your 40’s like me. However I still feel like I’m not experienced enough to run my own business, and that feeling never really seems to go away. Some people refer to it as impostor syndrome.

I’m always inspired when I hear of a young person that has started a property business, or is running 6 figures through an amazon business, or has just made their first million as a YouTube vlogger. Young people like this will continue to inspire me and drive me on harder.

Does the education system fail young entrepreneurs?

Quite frankly I believe that it does! especially in the UK and USA, I believe the education system is fundamentally letting children down in many ways when it comes to career education.

In this brilliant Ted Talk by Ken Robinson, he gives a compelling case to say that our education system is flawed in setting young people up for most vocations. He goes on to say that education in the UK is geared towards creating university professors and doctors, but failing 99% of the kids that will never achieve this.

As an ex-university professor himself, he goes on to talk about how in school we teach children not to copy others, yet in organisations we call this collaboration! Or when we tell children not to jump to the back because it’s cheating, yet in business this is called out the box thinking!

ken robinson carries out a ted talk about how the education system is failing young entrepreneurs

OK, it’s an arguable point that is deeper and less simpler than this, but it does get you thinking.

Did you know that new research from The London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) showed that 58 per cent of students aged between 15 and 18 did not receive any form of financial education. Yet maths is a subject covered nearly every day in school!

I don’t know about you, but finance and economics have been important to me nearly every day in my corporate and entrepreneurial life. I believe these are fundamental topics topics for schools to be teaching children.

Doesn’t this make it even more inspiring that young people leave school between 16-18 with little business exposure and experience are going out and starting businesses on their own.

Giving back to help young people succeed

As I find myself continually in awe of these young driven and successful individuals, I feel that I want to give something back. I feel that I want to use my experience to help and collaborate with young people that are driven to succeed, but just need some support.

As I started to talk about this subject, I noticed other people felt the same way too. That they too were passionate about transferring there skills and experiences on to others that want and need it. This soon led to the creation of a business support group called ‘The Wolf Young Entrepreneurs’.

Using the brand identity of the Wolf Coaching organisation run by Jazmine Wolf, we have created our first event of many, where we will look to bring up to 50 young entrepreneurs together for a day of business and personal development.

This event will specifically target young people that have either just started out on their journey, or are yet to get started. The content will be focused around getting clarity on goals, building winning mindsets around how to achieve those goals, and spotting and dealing with barriers to success.

With several young successful entrepreneurs taking to the stage to share their own success stories, the day should provide both pragmatic business development, but also plenty of inspiration to get people hungry to succeed.

We really are excited about this event, and can’t wait to post the video and pictures from the day. With lots of local businesses starting to show in interest in presenting at future events, and in supporting the delegates ongoing, this really is proving to be such an exciting venture.

Once delegates have attended the event, they will be given up to three months of free coaching support, a toolkit to help embed the learning, and audio files to support people’s business mindset.

If you are interested in finding out more, getting involved in any way, or speaking at future events, please get in touch with Jazmine or myself. This is going to be a great success, and we would like people to join us on the journey.

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