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You’re busy looking after your business, but are you looking after you? – Entrepreneurial wellness is important for all business leaders

Entrepreneur wellness is a balance between self-care and management of your business. Jazmine Wolf from the Wolf Coaching Organisation talks to High & Wise about the importance of self care when running a business.

I have been an Entrepreneur on and off throughout most of my life. I’ve had 10 years working in teaching and training but I’ve also worked in business and industry. I am from a family of entrepreneurs. Both my parents were entrepreneurs and from a very early age, that is what I knew growing up.

It’s no coincidence that I have taken that journey myself. It’s certainly had all sorts of peaks, troughs and successes. Throughout being an Entrepreneur and doing a lot of research about the life of an Entrepreneur, I’ve found that many people seem to fall into this life rather than choose it.

It may not be what they set out to do originally and it sometimes isn’t even an active choice. Maybe they’ve had a lifestyle change, maybe something’s happened in their family, maybe they’ve lost their job, been made redundant.

As a result, people tend to go into survival mode and fall into the business world without necessarily having the skills, knowledge or background to be able to cope, let alone make it a success.

Only 20% of businesses succeed past the first year of trading!

With a statistic like that it is obvious that people need to do more to help themselves and their businesses reach their full potential. I have only learned these lessons over the years of being an Entrepreneur which has given me key insights and practical tools to use for me, my business and my clients.

I am passionate about being able to share these finding with those looking to embark on a entrepreneurial journey or those looking to make their business and life more successful.

One of the first things that I want to highlight for you is self-care. Looking after yourself and management of your health, happiness, your business, your fitness, friends, family, everything a business is… is absolutely key.

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I have realised that you cannot do everything as an entrepreneur. So the key things that you need to choose are: your health – at the core and heart of everything we do because if you don’t look after your health then you’re not going to be successful in business and you’re not going to attract the right kinds of clients.

Looking after you health means getting enough sleep, eating the right food, getting enough exercise. Fitness is really key in your health as well. Generally, running is my thing. So when I have a big business idea or things I want to develop I will literally get my trainers on and run out in nature. Really get those endorphins going and many good thoughts and ideas will follow.

Also, on the subject of health, it is really important that you have the right support around you when being an Entrepreneur. You have to realise you can’t do everything.

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When I say look after your health, I’m talking about your emotional health, your spiritual health, your business health. Your emotional health. It is really important that we have the right support around us for those things.

So when we talk about business health for example, I have a business coach who has 25 years experience behind her. She really guides me in the right direction when perhaps I have a big business project I am working on. She really stretches me but keeping an eye I am not pushing myself too hard.

In business it is making the right choices and right decisions. We can really find ourselves making decisions that can have a detrimental effect on our health. Then before we know it, we are invested in areas which are not suited to us, and have perhaps taken our eye away from our core business.

My core business is very much about Entrepreneur wellness. I have developed my brand around Entrepreneur wellness and that brand is now beginning to become an international one. A huge responsibility and accountability. I am also a role model for my clients and if I can’t look after myself then I cant expect my clients to look after themselves.

Just to recap, it is about your health, it is about your fitness and it is about your happiness and getting the right support. Really practising self care and self love. Those are the golden keys to success. It sounds complete common sense but trust me, if you don’t have those things in place, you are not going to succeed.

So that really is just an introduction to Entrepreneur wellness.  If you want to get in touch with Jazmine and find out more about her Wellness coaching courses, visit her Facebook page to find out more.

Jazmine Wolf – Entrepreneurial Wellness Coach
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